Alstein Farms

We are a family farm established in 1977, located in Oxford County. Our practice encourages responsible and sustainable farming methods for the future well being of the land and environment as stated in our Environmental Farm Plan.

We produce Quality Healthy Beef and have certification from the Quality Assurance Program. Our cattle are fed home grown forage and grain. The herd is born and raised on our farm thus assuring a locally produced product for South Western Ontario. In the summer the cows and calves are pasture grazed.

We raise Purebred Black Angus Cattle because discriminating buyers prefer the quality of Black Angus Beef. Our beef is fed naturally – we feed no animal by products nor do we use any growth promoting hormones. The use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in not practiced on our farm. Our breeding philosophy is to select cows and calves that excel in producing Quality Beef. The herd is evaluated by the Canadian Angus Association and by the Beef Improvement Organization (BIO) of Ontario.

Visitors are most welcome to visit our farm by appointment.


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